The SYLKYS Story


Our founder's passion for making luxury accessible to everyone led to the creation of SYLKYS. We firmly believe that self-love and self-care products should not come with a hefty price tag.


As someone who struggled with acne for years and eventually developed sensitive, dry skin and thin hair due to medication, our founder stumbled upon the benefits of silk pillowcases. The antibacterial properties of silk helped keep her skin clear and hydrated, while the smooth texture significantly reduced hair breakage. Recognising that real silk can be quite expensive, she decided to launch SYLKYS - an affordable silk brand without compromising on quality.


We use 100% pure mulberry silk, the highest grade 6A long fibre, and the finest 22-momme premium silk to ensure that our pillowcases are incredibly soft and of superior quality. Additionally, our products comply with the International OEKO-TEX Standard 100, and are free from any toxic dyes.


At SYLKYS, we believe that investing in your skincare routine should not break the bank. Experience the SYLKY difference today and start your journey to healthier hair and skin!